There is a critical need for housing and social supports in Rhode Island. In 2016, 5,156 Rhode Islanders were in need of emergency or transitional housing. Over the past decade, the percentage of total Rhode Island households that are severely cost-burdened has increased by 59%.

PVD Gives offers residents and visitors an easy way to make charitable donations to proven successful programs and services in Providence.  Whether you are interested in making a larger contribution, or if you are interested in feeding Donation Stations with spare change, PVD Gives leverages citywide donations of all sizes to build collective impact.

There is a service fee for processing an online donation. Fees are 2.85% for credit/debit cards and 95 cents for electronic checks. 

The city is charged a fee for any electronic payments made at the Stations. The fee is .75% of the donation plus a 25 cent flat fee per transaction.

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CALL 311 for City Services


CALL 211 for United Way of Rhode Island Housing and Social Services