Donations are accepted online or at any of our Donation Stations across the City. Donation Stations are retrofitted parking meters that accept coins and credit cards. Click the map to find the nearest Donation Station to you!

There is a service fee for processing an online donation. Fees are 2.85% for credit/debit cards and 95 cents for electronic checks.

The city is charged a fee for any electronic payments made at the Stations. The fee is .75% of the donation plus a .25 cent flat fee per transaction.


Donation MeterKennedy Plaza
Donation Meter444 Westminster St @ Empire St
Donation MeterThayer St @ Angell St
Donation MeterWayland Square (Wayland Ave @ Angell St)
Donation MeterChalkstone Ave @ Academy Ave
Donation MeterHopkins Square (Branch ave @ Charles St)
Donation MeterBroad St @ Colfax St
Donation MeterBroad St @ Pearl St
Donation MeterBroadway @ Knight St
Donation MeterDePasquale Sq (Spruce St.)

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CALL 211 for United Way of Rhode Island Housing and Social Services